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With Keyword Ranking Tool, you’ll have a valuable and convenient way to keep track of the success of your SEO efforts. You need to know how your site is performing so you can determine how best to use your resources to improve the traffic numbers for your web site, your blog, or other web content. But you can’t waste time keeping track manually: checking each of your optimized keywords at individually. If you want to check regularly or if you’re optimizing for multiple words, this can be time-consuming and annoying. The Keyword Ranking Tool is the perfect alternative. Not only can you more easily and effectively keep track of your search engine rankings, but the tool is free. That means you’ll save time and money while also reaping the benefits below.

Works with All Major Search Engines

Although is the most used search engine, you don’t want to overlook your rankings in any of the other big engines that individuals might be using to find your site. Keyword Ranking Tool, therefore, has been designed to work with Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing. That way you can be optimizing your web site, your blog, or your other content for all three of these major engines and covering all of your bases.

Day to Day Monitoring

You can easily keep track of daily changes in your search engine rankings with the Keyword Ranking Tool, too. Every day, the software can gather the rankings for your words and provide the logs in either their raw or processed versions. You can look at the statistics for each of the keywords and decide what steps to take next.

Long Term Reports

While daily reports are a great option, you also need reports that show the overall results of your SEO efforts. With Keyword Ranking Tool, you’ll be able to have weekly or monthly reports on the changes in your site’s rankings per keyword sent to you via email. The information will be presented in chart form and in a handy comparison showing the current ranking and the change.

Convenient Use

Because people of all skill levels are using the Internet to develop their own web presence, Keyword Ranking Tool was developed to be easy to use and to setup. The intuitive interface makes it simple to set up the reporting and alerting as you desire in just minutes so you can get onto other things.

Alerts for Changes

When your web site’s position changes, you will be alerted immediately by email. You will also receive an alert if your site is knocked off the search engine. These alerts can help you take fast action to rectify the situation and restore your site based on your keywords.

And the Software is Free

You can start using the Keyword Ranking Tool without having to pay a dime. And that’s not for a free trial period but for the entire lifetime of the program. You don’t even have to pay more for upgrades in the future. With Keyword Ranking Tool, you’ll have a powerful, convenient, and useful method for tracking your search engine rankings. And you’ll be able to use this tool without spending a penny. That makes it a smart investment.
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