SEO Ranking Monitor Advantages

Optimizing your Web site for search engines is utterly important. Search engines deliver the most traffic to your domain – free of charge. While you can purchase visitors via several pay-per-click or pay-per-impression programs, search engines can deliver traffic to your Web site without charging you per visitor. Higher rankings in natural (not paid for) search results on your target keywords deliver relevant, highly valuable traffic free of charge.

SEO Ranking Monitor Earns You Money

Ranking high in Google does not automatically mean high positions in Yahoo! or MSN Search, and vice versa. A higher position in all three big search engines brings you more relevant traffic and more paying customers without you having to spend a penny on advertising. SEO Ranking Monitor displays your site’s exact ranking in all three search engines, allowing you to take steps to improve its positioning.

Be Aware and Get Alerted

Without tracking your Web site regularly in all three search engines for all relevant keywords, you’ll never know if you are still ranked high on any of them as time goes by. Using SEO Ranking Monitor not only reveals how your site fares on different keywords in Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search, but it will alert you if your site falls out of a search engine index or moves up or down in search results on your target keywords.

Watch Your Competitors Closely

With SEO Ranking Monitor, you can track your own sites and your competitor’s projects. Tracking the performance of your competition allows you to get an idea how your project fares against competitors in major search engines, improve its rankings and get ahead of your rivals with minimum investment.

Risk-Free Investment

What could be safer than spending nothing on a search engine monitoring tool? The available 30-day trial is completely free, allowing you to cancel with no charges or penalties at any time. Besides, setting up SEO Ranking Monitor to track your Web site takes only a few minutes of your time – even if you never used any SEO tools in your life! To begin tracking your Web site, open a free account, or see our sample report to get an idea of what you’ll be getting.
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