Sample Report

The table below demonstrates SEO Ranking Monitor reporting capabilities. This is a typical report and analysis you’ll receive for your Web site. What you see is a real life, real-time sample generated for sample domain name. This is a real-time report that will be updated weekly.

Why are positions of sites in the report differ from what you see on Google?

The point is that you can see the results that Google can adapt a country to which your IP-address belongs, the language of the browser, but also personifies the results match your preferences, using cookies foridentification. So, the search results may vary significantly from what the average international user can see. Results, which you can see in our reports are precisely average.
To properly determine a ranking we calculate where in the first 50 positions your keyword places within each search engine. If you see a dash in your report "-", it means that the ranking for that keyword is greater than 50.
SEO Report
SEO Report